View New Blogger Buzz and Blogger in draft along with the launching Designer Templates

Yesterday a blogger has just launched a new feature that Blogger Template Designer (see complete info and use the Blogger Template Designer - New Features Blogger Again). As the launch was a blogger change the look of blogger buzz and bloggers in the draft. View now looks more dynamic and not rigid. It's always interesting to follow developments in the case of bloggers, including the display. (See all Evolution Blogger Since 1991 - Present)

Blogger has a new spirit for more prove his share of the world's blog, after many doubts and fears since banned the outstanding issues. Although bloggers considered far less than the engine it does not reduce the tax payers of their spirit and became hyper, by answering the various criticisms and suggestions gathered at the birthday event.

For those who want to reminisce with old tampila blogger buzz:

New Blogger Buzz

Now display separate sidebar style:

Blogger in Draft with the old view:

Also come clean:

If a blogger has a new spirit and continue to clean up, how about you? Let's use the blogger template designers to modify your template. Giving new atmosphere, not only for you but also your readers. Fishing more fresh ideas in the next day. Hopefully your blog is growing, in turn answer to the good bloggers who continue to spawn great features.

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