Sheila Marcia Women Infant Childbirth

Sheila Marcia Women Infant Childbirth

Actress Sheila Marcia who since Tuesday (23/2/2010) night in the hospital maternity finally delivered. Sheila was blessed with a baby girl.

"His son was born, at 3:15. Son of women," Josh said Pieter or formerly known as Jupiter in Harapan Bunda Hospital, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, Wednesday (24/3/2010).

The man who went out with Sheila that convey this to the reporters and infotainment are waiting outside delivery room. At around 15:40 pm, Josh opened the door and with a beaming face happy news was delivered.

Until now unknown weight and length of infants Sheila. Jupiter does not convey that information to the media.

Besides Jupiter, who accompanied their birth is Sheila, Sheila's mother, Mary Joseph, an aunt Sheila and Ezar Delano. Delano is almost pebasket married actress 'Kereta Hantu Manggarai' it.

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