In general the role of the secretary regarding:

1. To superiors:

· Sources and filter information for the leadership, in fulfilling the functions, duties and responsibilities.

· Assiten / her right hand the leadership in managing the company's activities. Ranging from administrative to human relations.

· Mediator for leaders and parties who want to deal with the leaders.

· Alternative thinking of leadership in terms of casting ideas.

· Secret Keeper / holder of the secret leadership of the company do with its task.

· Mediator leadership with subordinates.

2. Their subordinates / employees:

· Helps provide motivation to other employees.

· Mediator between bahawan / employees with leadership.

· Assist / facilitate subordinates when to meet with the leaders.

· Providing a sense of satisfaction and pride to subordinates on their work.


On appeal to the other positions, including secretary of the employees who have multiple duties, including:

1. According to the authority.

· Routine tasks. Include typing, making calls, receiving guests, korespondenci, filling, correspondence.

· Task instructions. Includes preparation of schedule, making appointments, financial arrangements, preparation and organization of meetings, arrange schedule.

· Creative task. Include making phone forms, documentation, send a greeting to the client, set the head office.

2. According to the type of job.

· Administrasi.perkantoran task. includes correspondence, preparing reports, filling.

· Task receptionist. Includes making calls, serving customers, following the leader meeting schedule.

· Social task. Set includes household work, send congratulations to the relationship, prepare respsi / official jamuan.acara office.

· Incidental task. Includes preparing meetings, prepare speeches, presentations, and preparing business trip leader.

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