Nokia Ovi Orion Gaming Phone, New N-Gage

Nokia Ovi Orion Gaming Phone, New N-Gage (Video in Youtube) - There were a few Nokia fans who regretted the canning of the N-Gage gaming phone series, but there is still hope for this idea, specially if you believe in concepts. The folks of Recombu created the Nokia Ovi Orion, a gaming phone design, pictured below.

Nokia Ovi Orion Gaming Phone

Nokia Ovi Orion looks like a combo between a Palm Pre and an iPhone, with a strange QWERTY keyboard and a hidden one line display at the back. This bizarre design might make gaming more user-friendly, but what’s really important is the front multitouch capacitive touchscreen, with a huge diagonal, hopefully.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a Tegra or Snapdragon CPU was on board too, as well as HDMI out and a decent bunch of speakers. The question is: does Nokia have the software platform for such a device? Here’s a short video demo of the concept gaming phone. Nokia Ovi Orion Gaming Phone, New N-Gage

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