Movie Synopsis & Trailer Green Zone (2010)

Green Zone film featuring Matt Damon as the main star. Synopsis & trailer movie Green Zone has been present in full, since the movie will be released on 12 March 2010, aka just two days away. Sempet no video footage of his trailer on the Metro

Film Green Zone (2010) recounts the investigation conducted by the U.S. Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) in an effort to uncover the trigger of the war in Iraq. One of the film has been waiting for this in March but nih Shutter Island. Here is a synopsis / brief reviews of the film Green Zone are:

Trigger of the war in Iraq is alleged that the country is commanded by Saddam Hussein is stored some weapons of mass destruction that were in a hidden place in the country.

On the basis of these beliefs, the U.S. government commissioned Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) to dismantle the place where this deadly weapon.

Information where weapons of mass destruction is clearly not obtainable through the Iraqis who insist that they do not have a weapon like the American government informed. Roy eventually had to track the location of these weapons varied only by relying on the information obtained through the intelligence. Though aid has been provided sophisticated equipment, the task is still quite high risk ..

Movie trailer video Lihatt Green Zone from Youtube over quite exciting, too. Brief trailer would think that Bourne movie sequel, haha. Matt Damon because air is identical to the film. Make the same demen Greek mythologies, the movie could stay close Clash Of The Titans are also coming soon in theaters :)

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