Ika Putri Widyaningtyas

Biography Ika Putri WidyaningtyasBiography Ika Putri Widyaningtyas:

Ika Putri Ika Putri Widyaningtyas or is a pop singer from Surabaya in East Java, and never reached II champion in Shanghai Asian Music Festival Music Festival 2001.

Women born March 15, 1986, in musical history has released three albums. Each includes, IKA titled debut album PRINCESS (2001), then the second album bout (2004) and Repackage bout.

In addition the couple's daughter and Erline Bambang Harjo this Yuliani didaulat to sing songs for movie soundtracks VIRGIN, titled I XOTC Lilo Virgin creation.

In 2008, Ika who did want to build a sexy image with sensual dresses in each appearance, also penetrated the big screen. If playing in a movie titled BASAHHH ...

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