Google Reader Play - Advanced News Readers Feature From Google

Although a bit late, you should still know about the new features of Google, ie Google Reader Play. With this service you can see the popular news more interesting through the slide show. Equipped with navigation that is easy to move between the news and also direct access to the source address with the click title or image. You also get services such as New Features Google Image Search, the thumbnails of the newest items are arranged under the main screen. Click to select and automatically display on the big screen. Who want to save time and relax without a mouse, please use the right or left arrows on your keyboard to move the news.

Google Reader Play - Advanced News Readers feature from Google

Play the Google Reader does not require you to Sign in first, but if you are in a state to sign in, you will find three icons in the middle of the screen. Star (favorite), and icons like the shares will be easier for you to share articles to your google reader. I think this is the beginning, therefore we can not expect much with the menus and basic standards. In the future hopefully better. Who want to try it please visit

Google Reader Play

If you ask, how this feature will show only the updates from blogs that you follow it. It does not matter because you find the solution by visiting

Videos About Google Reader Play

Please try, to know the latest news updates with more style, follow the development of video without switching windows and share to your friends that you Favoritkan items.

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