Doomsday 2012 issue, was Hurricane Sun

Doomsday 2012 issue, Was Hurricane SunDoomsday 2012, is the occurrence of Hurricane Sun:

According to Pak Bambang S Tedjasukmana of the Institute of Aviation and Space Agency (LAPAN), that the phenomenon will appear in about the year 2011-2012 was the storm the sun. This prediction, based on the monitoring of space weather monitoring centers in various countries that have been conducted since the 1960s, and Indonesia by LAPAN has been done since 1975.

Storm sun = Flare and CME

Still according to other experts from LAPAN, that the storm the sun will occur when the flares and Corona Mass Ejection (CME). What is Flare ..? Flare is a large explosion in the atmosphere to match the Sun's fierce 66 million times a Hiroshima atomic bomb blast. And who dropped the atomic bomb Paul Tibbets, pilot of the United States (U.S.), B-29 Enola Gay, August 1945, has claimed around 80,000 human souls. Means that if multiplied by 66 million more, wouw ...!

CME is a kind of being a very big explosion that caused a high-speed burst partikel2 of about 400 km / sec. wouw ...

Solar weather disturbances can affect the condition of space charge to the Earth's magnetic influence, further impact on electrical systems, transportation, navigation satellites that rely on global positioning system (GPS), and communications systems that use satellite communications and high frequency (HF), and may be dangerous health or human life, such as the Earth's magnetic disturbed, then the pacemaker will also be affected.

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