Bloggers Invited To Sue Sony Corp Class Action

SOMASI Sony Corp. posted the Sony Heru Nugroho AK makes grim. Feeling harassed, a senior practitioner in the Internet industry will invite the community to sue the blogger behind the class-action pass.

"This is no longer the concern only Sony AK, but has the form of abuse of Indonesian bloggers. We really abused," said Heru fiery when told ITGazine, Saturday (13/3/2010).

According to him, the law of Indonesia as a country must have the courage to show the authority to take action against Sony Corp. lawsuit with the legal route as well.

"I suggest Indonesian blogger community demanded to use Sony Corp. class-action mechanism. We state law, take legal action. Discipline, not just koar-koar only. If no one wants, then the demands I," muttered Heru.

Bloggers Invited To Sue Sony Corp Class Action

Particulars of this case began when an Indonesian teknoblogger called Sony Arianto Kurniawan ( disomasi by Sony Corp. because of the name "Sony" is inherent in his personal website. Sony Corp. fear, in case the site with the label "Sony" was misused and can damage the brand name.

Sony AK who became the victims were faced with two difficult choices: remove the name "Sony" or dragged to the green table by Sony Corp.. But Sony AK chose to stay. He was not alone, many who support him, both in the real world and cyberspace.

Domain name disputes is too fast scrolling like a snowball, as the friends Sony AK create a support-raising group on Facebook with the name: "Sony, Do not take away my friends name!". So far the group members were already more than 3000 people.

No doubt, a wave of rejection and denunciation of milling in cyberspace, making the Sony Indonesia ketar-ketir participate. Although can not do anything, the Sony Indonesia to clear this case soon after getting clarification from Sony headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: detikinet

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